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Programs Built for Artists

Hands-On Experience

Visible Music College provides musicians, producers, managers, and industry professionals with immediate and immersive hands-on educational experiences that will prepare them for their music career in the world of music entertainment, music business or music ministry.

  • Programs offered online or on-campus
  • Accredited 3-Year Bachelor Degrees
  • Accredited Master Degree Programs
  • Accredited Certificate Programs
  • Get a head start with High School Dual Enrollment

Powerful Programs

Award-winning artists have taught in our halls. Students signed with record labels have learned in our classrooms. After all, growth rarely happens in a vacuum. Get plugged in to a community of Christian creative artists fostering the next generation of leaders.


Embrace service and ministry in the church and beyond, guided by love for God and others. Prepare for leadership roles in various ministry contexts, including team building, pastoring, teaching, and traveling ministry. Gain a foundation in biblical and leadership training to excel in diverse ministry styles and models.

Worship Leadership

Students will develop their theological framework for worship, learn about the history of worship, grow in their biblical knowledge, and expand their practical worship leading skills.

After all, leadership is about service - you have the opportunity not only to grow in your own faith and personal development but to lead others into growth in their relationship with God.

Music Production

Learn about the process of becoming an audio engineer or producer. The Music Industry is evolving and growing, grow in these new forms of expression to avoid mistakes and learn best practices in the industry.

Modern Music

Train in the skills of an artist. Learn the theory and more than the text with hands-on workshops and concentrations in: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocal Performance, Drums, Worship Leading, and Songwriting


Learn to produce professional media for both the music industry and church settings. Acquire skills for careers in graphic design, film production, web design, and related fields. Develop and lead ministry programs centered on biblical storytelling across various platforms.

Music Business

The design of the Music Business program is to prepare you to have the acumen not only to find employment within the music business world but also to transform the industry through entrepreneurial innovation, all from a Christian worldview. Learn important business skills (communication, marketing, finance, management), overview and detail of the music industry and vocational opportunities, contractual/legal matters, management of artists, and event/tour planning. Specific attention is paid to integrity in business, operational excellence, spiritual mentoring of artists, presentation skills, planning, and visioning.

What Our Students Have To Say

Our community is vitally important to us. See what they have to say so you can learn from fellow students and community members what you might experience at Visible Music College.

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

My experience with Visible Music College has been amazing.... From music production to concerts and leading worship.... They desire for each student to retain and put into practice what they are learning. This has been huge for me. Most schools are happy to leave it to their students to retain the information based on lectures and assignments. Visible Music does everything they can to help each student better understand their craft and succeed.

Community Leader
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

They are incredibly detailed in their course studies for each student and will cater to the levels of ability that each student has - whether further along or right at the level in which they are being instructed/taught!

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Such excellence and care for students. Their financial department is accommodating and their faculty is highly qualified and efficient communicators. Really loved my time with Visible.

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Visible Music College is a unique college experience for anyone seeking to pursue a career in music. It has an awesome campus and the professors are very knowledgeable. It's located in the middle of downtown Memphis and has access to many music related opportunities. The job placement rate for graduates is very high.

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Online school is never easy, but Visible made each course easy to access and relevant to the major the student is in. There are always professors and instructors ready and willing to help with any question a student may have!

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

It's a school unlike any I've tried applying for. It meets every requirement I had in choosing a school. The school is small and more personable while still maintaining a high quality education. With it not only being music affiliated but also ministry centered, it's the only place I want to go.

Prepare for Greater Things

Here are just a few of the career paths that our alumni and community have achieved and that you might enjoy in life after going to Visible Music College.

Amidst colleges that have music programs, Visible is one of the best and only directly designed to launch artists into the music industry.